Mountain Bakery located on Banjara Hills Road No.2 is a testimony to the growth of the area. As it happens to be one of the oldest bakeries in the area.

It has over the years become an important landmark in the area. It has seen all when Banjara Hills was only vast open lands to its growth in the last twenty five years into one of the neighbourhoods of the twin cities.Established in the year 1986, it is considered as one of the finest bakeries owin to its budget-friendly menu and a rage of cookies, cakes, pies, and bread that are available in various varieties.

Ask any visitor here and they would point to special sandwiches and puffs as their all-time favourites. One could see food lovers ordering them all the time. The bakery has managed to maintain its taste of not just the two popular items but other foodstuff as well, thus being in the good books of many customers for the last two decades. “It is the quality that attracts people. Even though the bakery is small in terms of the plinth area, it has many loyal customers who pour in from different nearby areas. Many of our customers happen to be children of some of our old customers.