Established in 1986 by Mr M.A.Khadar , MOUNTAIN BAKERY has grown into one of the most well known bakery Showrooms in Hyderabad. A great tradition of rich and delicious products that delights the taste buds of customers from all age-groups and walks of life, backed by excellent service and a brand name that’s well-respected, MOUNTAIN BAKERY remains your ideal ally for all seasons and occasions. For our primary goal is to offer items of delectable taste and finest quality at competitive prices

For people who love food, a bakery is pretty much the best location in the world. Everybody knows what it’s like to step into a small, cozy bakery and take a deep breath of the rich aroma of cookies, cakes, pies, and bread. Everybody enjoys biting into a sweet treat made fresh that morning, or slicing into a loaf of bread that is still warm in the center. Fresh baked goods is the mark of a refined establishment.